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You can make a radical difference in the life of a child in rural India.

The cost of operating the school and our transportation program breaks down to only $175 per student per year.  While this may seem like a surprisingly small sum to provide a quality education for a year, this is all it takes to help ensure one child can grow up to live a life free of poverty for themselves and their families. 100% of donations are invested in the education of the children. 100% of our financial aid is need based. This sum of $175 also covers the cost of a benefit provided to our faculty and staff of providing their children with tuition-free education.


Annual Student Sponsorships

Our appeal is that donors will sponsor one or more students at the level of $175 per year. For your donation of just $175 you can start and sustain one child on the path to a well-rounded education and productive economic life.


Sustaining Student Sponsorships

Even better is when donors commit to a Sustaining Sponsorship with a commitment to continue their support with a yearly renewal for three or five years or for the full duration of matriculation, for one student or multiple students, according to the level of giving each donor chooses to offer.

When a donor sponsors a child for more than one year at a rate of $175 annually, they can pay for multiple years when the pledge begins, or the school will provide a reminder to sponsors on each anniversary of their pledge.

Of course, every level of donation and sponsorship is greatly welcomed and appreciated.



A big THANK YOU to all of you who have been so generous in sponsoring students. This is our third year asking for sponsorship, and many of you have sponsored more than one student both years. We and they are very grateful.

Now, more than ever, your support matters.