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The Sunflower School was founded in 1979 by a group of four individuals who wanted to provide a first-class education for students in the villages of the Payakaraopeta agricultural district in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
Our commitment to our students is not abstract. Over nearly 40 years we have studied what makes the difference between success for a student and a missed opportunity. We focus on tearing down the barriers and building the possibilities for our students’ lives.

Our Mission

Making A Practical Difference

A Message from Kedar Relangi, Chair of the Trustees Board.

Over the years the mission of the school has become crystal clear. The school seeks to serve poor rural children. We do everything we can to offer and sustain a quality education. We do not set out to create scholars, although we value scholarship. We set out to help our students avoid the trap of poverty through having greater degrees of freedom through education.

We have learned that there are three key variables that make a difference in our children staying in school and benefiting from a quality education.

  • The first variable is continuity. If a student requires financial support to attend the Sunflower school, it is important that the support be sustained throughout the years of his or her attendance at the school. Once we commit to a student, we do everything we can to support the student financially as long as he or she applies him or herself to the program.
  • The second, less obvious variable is transportation access. Distance can be a barrier to attendance. Twenty or twenty-five kilometers (about 12 – 16 miles) in rural India would prevent many would-be students from even getting to school. For that reason, we have invested in school buses and provide students with transportation to and from school. This commitment makes all the difference for many students between attending school or not.

The third key for a successful education is our caring community. Our teachers teach and cultivate successful students with both nurturing care and academic rigor so that our children will become both economically successful adults and good citizens.

Our mission succeeds when we:

  • Foster a sense of self-esteem and confidence in the children that they will have choices in life when they acquire a good education.
  • Provide the basic education that children need to grow up with non-agricultural employment options when they become adults.

Our Vision

Our fundamental vision is to help lift our students over the barriers of poverty sometimes called the 70% trap. 70% of the population in Andhra Pradesh live in a rural area. 70% of the poor people in India live in rural areas. 70% of these people rely on agriculture for a living. Agriculture is declining as a viable way to earn a sufficient income in order to escape living in poverty. We help our children escape the 70% vortex.

We have evolved Sunflower School’s educational approach to placing academic method, the values and activities of the learning community in the service of the life outcomes we want for our students: to acquire the academic and life skills to succeed into alternative career paths.

This potentiality was greatly enhanced in the spring of 2018, when many employees from the technology company Wilco Source India LLC contributed significant enhancement to our facility by:

  • Visiting and spending several days painting and generally sprucing up the school. (this is a great example of how people in the area support the school in other ways than giving money, by investing their time and energy).
  • Wilco Source also donated computer and networking equipment and during their visit they set up a Computer Lab at the school. Students now have improved computer technology and are connected to the resources they need to acquire an array of technical skills that will empower them to close the digital divide between the well-to-do and the poor, and to acquire vital technology education in order to secure well-compensated jobs.

An equally essential element of our Vision is to organize a sustaining community of sponsors who will generously donate the substantial funding required to support the full matriculation of our committed and grateful students.

An adequately funded school organized around a giving community of sponsors; a secure, clean, well-equipped and effectively run facility; a highly trained and caring staff passionate about their mission and an unrelenting commitment to elevating the lives of our students and their families – this is the Vision of Sunflower School.

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