Our Teachers

Sunflower school is staffed by highly qualified, gifted teachers. Every one of our teacher shares the passion and commitment to helping our children change the trajectory of their lives.

K. Adisheshu (D.Ed.)

Teaching Class : 2nd Class

P. Anuradha (D.Ed.)

Teaching Class : 3rd Class

T.Dasu (M.A., B.Ed.)

Teaching Subject : English

Y.Devi (B.A.)

Teaching Class : L.K.G.

K. Venkata Gayatri (B.Sc.)

Teaching Subjects : Maths, Science

G.Geetha Lakshmi (B.A.)

Teaching Class : U.K.G.

Ch.Manga Devi (B.Com)

Teaching Class : L.K.G.

N.Meena (B.S.c)

Teaching Subject : Science

N. Rajeswari (H.P.T)

Teaching Subject : Hindi

K.Suryakumari (B.A.)

Teaching Class : 1ST Class

Y. P.Raju (M.Sc.,B.Ed.)

Teaching Subject : Mathematics

K. Koteswararao (M.A., B.Ed., T.P.T.)

Teaching Subject : Telugu

L.Nageswara Sarma (M.A., T.P.T.)

Teaching Subjects : Telugu, Computer

M.Srinivasarao (B.Com., B.Ed.,(M.A.))

Teaching School : Telugu, Social

Our Faciltites

A well organized, well equipped, clean physical plant is highly conducive to productivity and achievement. When students feel comfortable, sheltered and secure, it frees their attention and creativity to their scholastic pursuits. Sunflower School provides all of that.

The new information technology equipment and teaching lab generously contributed by Wilco Source contributed invaluably toward providing IT access, tools and training for some of the best careers available to our students.